Camping in Japan | Outdoor Activity | Travel Japan | JNTO

Camping in Japan | Outdoor Activity | Travel Japan | JNTO

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Camping in Japan | Outdoor Activity | Travel Japan | JNTO

For a list of where to go camping in Japan, check out our guide on campsites across ... or rent the essentials (minus food and clothing), so you may not even need to pack your tent. ... Down in Kyushu, Kirishima National Park's Kirishima Kogen ...

Hyogo | Travel Japan | JNTO - Japan National Tourism Organization

Hyogo Prefecture's two largest cities are Kobe and Himeji and are easily ... The sea bream flourishes in the waters off the coast of Akashi, and the ones caught ...

Travel Japan - Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

The official site of JNTO is your ultimate Japan guide with tourist information for Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Hokkaido, and other top Japan holiday ...

Michi-no-Eki | Roadtrip in Japan | Travel Japan | JNTO

Michi-no-Eki, which means roadside station in Japanese, are the ideal way to ... One benefit of a road trip in a private car is not being tied down by train or bus ...

Fishing in Japan | Travel Japan | JNTO

Japan offers anglers fantastic opportunities for fishing, from fly-fishing in the abundant lakes and rivers to deep sea fishing off the coasts. ... saltwater expeditions just outside of Hiroshima and all the fishing gear is included at no extra cost.

Camping Car Rentals in Japan - Outdoor Japan

2 Jun 2020 ... A growing number of companies in Japan offer camping car rentals giving you ... “I love driving down Izu's coastline or exploring the mountains, gorges ... Japan is a great country for road trips as there are plenty of michi no eki ...

Miyazaki by car | Travel Japan | JNTO

Drive the spectacular Nichinan coastline in Miyazaki, one of Japan's great road trips. ... Drive along quiet coastline roads, stop off at the elegant, cliff-hugging Udo-jingu ... Udo-jingu Shrine on the Nichinan coast is another driving-tour must-see. ... to Ugayafukiaezu no mikoto (father of Jimmu, Japan's mythical first emperor).

What's new in Niigata? | Travel Japan | JNTO

16 Jan 2018 ... Set between Myoko and the coast, behind the city of Joetsu, Arai was ... So the lifts were mothballed for the past 10 years, with maintenance but no skiing. ... The raw quality of the mountain gives them a good start, offering 951m vertical off the lifts, plus a hike ... Email [email protected] or call 025-543-2777.

Tottori | Travel Japan | JNTO

Check out our Japan map, explore Japan's destinations and travel highlights in this comprehensive guide to where to visit in Japan. ... Snow Like No Other · Kyushu · Plan Your Trip ... Japan's least populated prefecture, Tottori is a nature-rich, off-the-radar destination that has changed little over the centuries. Situated on the ...

Ise | Mie Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

The city of Ise is the most common starting point for travel in the area. ... as well as a scaled-down replica of the outer shrine's main complex, a sacred site off limits to ... It's also said to house the yata-no-kagami, a sacred mirror that is one of the ...

【JNTO】PREMIUM JAPAN -An Exclusive Travel ... - Travel Brochures

Get off the beaten path and onto a more creative trajectory by planning your trip to Japan around art, design, and architectural experiences. English. JNTO ...

Yanagawa | Fukuoka Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

A city in southern Fukuoka Prefecture, Yanagawa is often called "the city of water" ... Yanagawa now offers slow, scenic cruises down the waterways in flatboats ... This dish, known as unagi no seiro-mushi, is said to have been invented by the ...

Toba & Shima | Mie Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Kintetsu and JR rail lines connect Toba and Shima with the rest of Mie Prefecture ... A short walk down the shore is a bridge connecting the mainland to Mikimoto ...

Hongu | Wakayama Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

... region, and Hongu's pristine nature and religious significance are no exception. ... Get off at the Yunomine bus stop to visit the popular onsen town and its ...

Tenkawa | Nara Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

The village of Tenkawa is considered a nexus of spiritual power. The mountain religion known as Shugendo started and flourished here, with Mt.Omine as a ...

Odawara | Kanagawa Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Located in the southwest of Kanagawa Prefecture, Odawara is a major ... Zip lines, pony rides and more in a castle town with vast playgrounds for ... The Ikoi no Mori Forest Park (near Odawara Wanpaku Land) is an adventure ... with wooden platforms, cables, zip lines, ropes, and nets, mostly 10 meters off the ground.

Ibusuki | Kagoshima Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

The Ibusuki no Tamatebako limited express theme train is particularly ... not too challenging; you can make it to the top and back down again in about five hours.

Nakatsugawa & Around | Gifu Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Located in the southeastern corner of Gifu Prefecture, Nakatsugawa is home to the perfectly preserved 17th-century post town of ... The hike up the steep 600-meter trail to the summit is no casual stroll, but the ... Rolling down the scenic Akechi Railroad from Ena, you can open the windows to shoot the scenes outside.

Ueda | Nagano Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Straddling the Chikuma River southeast of Nagano City, Ueda is home to a stunning ... for having repelled the nation-building Tokugawa clan not once, but twice. ... Nagano, with its must-see temple Zenko-ji, is situated just down the road.

Kanagawa | Yokohama Kamakura | Travel Japan | JNTO

Further down the coast of Kanagawa, Kamakura is packed with temples, quaint ... Beef or pork offal, called horumon in Japan, is not as commonly eaten in the West. ... the temples of Kamakura and the parks of Yokohama are the places to be.

Ekiben | Japanese Food | Travel Japan | JNTO

An ekiben, or train station bento lunch box, is a must-try as you travel around Japan. ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. ... Since high-speed bullet trains were still a long way off, train travel required ...

Ibusuki Onsen | Kagoshima Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Not far off Ibusuki's coast is an islet called Chiringashima. Linked by a sandbar to the mainland briefly during the day, and only between October and March, it's a ...

Omura Park | Nagasaki Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

With 300 cherry blossoms, spring turns Omura park into a pink-petalled dream you will never ... City, catch the bus bound for Nagasaki Airport and get off near Omura City Hall. ... The sight of a sea of purples and blues lit up is not to be missed.

Yokkaichi Night View | Mie Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Take in the night view of a city that helped fuel Japan's rise as a postwar economic power. ... When the sun goes down, you'll want to grab your camera and snap some ... A reservation will guarantee you a seat; ask at the tourism association for more information. ... Aioi Bridge is even closer, but the views are not as majestic.

Tokugawa Art Museum | Aichi Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

The Tokugawa Art Museum houses an extensive, and perhaps unrivaled, ... As one of the earliest surviving depictions of this epic tale, the scrolls are not on ... Handed down through the Tokugawa clan, the museum is uniquely blessed with an ...

Tokiwa Park | Yamaguchi Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Take the Ube City Kotsu bus bound for Yamaguchi's Ube Airport. Get off at Tokiwa Station. Tokiwa Park is about a 10-minute walk away.

Toretore Market | Wakayama Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

The Kuroshio Express Train from Shin-Osaka runs down the Wakayama coast and gets you to Shirahama in around two and a half hours. Fresh bowls of fish.

Dotonbori & Shinsaibashi | Osaka Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

In Shinsaibashi, and among the bright lights of the Dotonbori district, you'll find ... theaters and entertainment halls of Dotonbori have all but vanished there's no ... of giant mechanical sea creatures and clowns looking down on the action add to ...

Mobara Park | Chiba Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Mobara Park is a lush, gorgeous park located in the heart of the city of Mobara. ... also take a bus bound for Kami-Mobara and get off at the Sogen-ji bus stop.

Mozu-Furuichi Kofun (UNESCO) | Travel Japan | JNTO

Japan's first true rulers left no palaces, but their massive tombs reveal the rise of a rich and influential state ... VR tour at Sakai City Museum of all the tombs comprising the Mozu-Furuichi World Heritage site ... More history just down the road.

Gero Onsen | Gifu Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

For centuries, Gero Onsen has been famous throughout Japan as one of the best ... Coming down the same line from Takayama takes about an hour. ... that Gassho Village Open Air Museum is reminiscent of Shirakawa-go is not coincidental.

Awa Odori Festival | Tokushima Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

The Awa-Odori Festival is Tokushima's most famous attraction and the subject ... During this festival, major thoroughfares are cordoned off and spectator stands ... goes, “The dancing fool and the watching fool are both fools, so why not dance?

Himeji Castle | Hyogo Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Himeji Castle is one kilometer down Otemae-dori street from the north exit of Himeji ... part of the castle — the tertiary outer bailey known as San-no-maru.

Travel around Japan's hot springs to meet the Onsen Musume | JNTO

The special souvenirs can only be obtained in Japan. We cannot mail them to you. The special souvenirs are of limited quantity. Conditions. The Company is not ...

Hirosaki City Apple Park | Travel Japan | JNTO

10 Oct 2019 ... The Hirosaki Apple Park is a theme park in Hirosaki City that offers various interactive facilities ... Ringo no ie ... Get off at Tokiwazaka Iriguchi stop. ... 036-8262 Shimizu-Tomita, Terasawa 125, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture ...

Ginzan Onsen | Yamagata Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Founded on the site of a former silver mine in rural Yamagata, Ginzan Onsen Hot Spring caters to ... The train is covered by the Japan Rail Pass , but the bus is not. ... Long summer days are perfect for lazy strolls down idyllic streets in a yukata.

Hachiman-bori Canal | Shiga Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

The Hachiman-bori Canal offers relaxing cruises with no rowing required. Just sit back, enjoy the dreamlike atmosphere, and enjoy the scenery and glimpses of ...

Echigo Tsumari Art Field | Niigata Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Miles away from urban cities, the rural Echigo-Tsumari region in Niigata Prefecture puts a heavy focus on cultivating not only rice fields, but also the human mind. To encourage ... Transfer to the Hokuhoku Line and get off at Tokamachi Station.

Nachi Fire Festival | Wakayama Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

The stretch of stone staircase that leads visitors to the Grand Shrine of Kumano Nachi-taisha down to the roaring Nachi Falls is generally a ... Known locally as Nachi-no-Ogi, this festival is a purification ritual that ... This is one of the most dramatic and famous festivals in the region, if not the ... Nachi-no-Hi-Matsuri Festival ...

Hitachi Seaside Park | Ibaraki Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

About a 2-hour journey from Tokyo, Hitachi Seaside Park is an expansive stretch of land on the Pacific coast that boasts a stunning array of flowers that bloom in ...

Nakaminato Fish Market | Ibaraki Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Quick Facts. Nakaminato ... The Pacific's warm and cool currents meet in the waters off Ibaraki, which brings in a wide variety of sea life. ... Do not miss trying some of Japan's best seafood. ... AQUA WORLD Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium ...

No1 Japan Travel |Japan Holidays, Japan Autumn Tour, Japan ...

No1 Japan Travel are experts on travel to Japan based in the UK. From individual day tours to fully guided and all inclusive package tours, No1 Japan Travel ...

Japan Travel Market & JATA Activity Update

29 Jan 2016 ... Sales were down by ... According to the data published by the Japan National Tourism ... of WORLD ORDER appeals to young Japanese who are not ...

Miyazaki Surf Spots | Miyazaki Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Take a surf adventure down south in warm, uncrowded waves ... Miyazaki is not accessible by bullet train, so if you're traveling with surfboards, your ... Miyazaki's surf spots are broken into three geographical areas— Hyuga in the north, ...

Tokushima City | Tokushima Attractions | Travel Japan | JNTO

Now, it's a busy port city that comes alive with Awa Odori dancers every summer. Don't Miss. The view from the top of Mt. Bizan; A stop off at the ...

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