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JRC-Acquis | EU Science Hub - European Commission - europa.eu

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JRC-Acquis | EU Science Hub - European Commission - europa.eu

7 Jun 2016 ... The JRC-Acquis must not be seen as a legal reference corpus. ... re-user, for all kinds of use which comply with the conditions laid down in the ...

Women in Science - European Commission - europa.eu

In fact, the face of modern science would be unrecognisable without the major contributions made ... she only his assistant was turned down by the Academy, which did not wish to ... A profile published in the magazine Folkebladet, when she.

News - Ecolabel - EUROPA - European Commission - Europa.eu

While the ban on microplastics within rinse-off cosmetics is not the sole requirement promoting environmental excellence, the EU Ecolabel anticipated the ...

European Capitals of Culture - European Commission - europa.eu

Certain mobile telephone operators do not allow access to 00 800 numbers or these calls ... budget for a European Capital of Culture has been of €8-74 million with ... In a city like. Antwerp many institutions close down in the summer, but we.

european urban initiative - European Commission - europa.eu

Article 2 of Regulation (EU) No 1299/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council (11). 2. In 2015, the EU ... and Urban Development Network (UDN)1). The objective of this ... down) and thus would increase the impact, for example better ... all the official language versions, go to EUR-Lex at: http://eur-lex.europa.eu.

Regions in the European Union - European Commission - europa.eu

not need to be identical at the different levels, even if the regions concerned cover ... The NUTS Regulation lays down the rules for amendments of the regional breakdown. ... Introduction. 11. Regions in the European Union. PL. Makroregiony. 7 ... Bytomski. PL229. Gliwicki. PL22A. Katowicki. PL22B. Sosnowiecki. PL22C.

VAT - European Commission - europa.eu

15 Jun 2020 ... February 2008 laying down detailed rules for the refund of value added tax, provided for in Directive. 2006/112/EC, to taxable persons not ...

ECN Brief - European Commission - europa.eu

31 Oct 2014 ... The content of this publication is not binding and does not reflect the official position of ... In the context of the procedure initiated before the Autorité de la ... less cost-effective (the breadth of Cegedim's client base drives down its unitary costs). ... and antitrust proceedings in Germany, i.e.: the Edeka/Trinkgut.

9.4 MB - European Commission - europa.eu

frame of service contract No 20138607 with the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food ... Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2016 ... Do not pay anything during the 14-day cooling-off period. ... [email protected].

European Commission - Europa.eu

17 Jul 2009 ... Prices for milk d elivered to dairies have come down from 0.30-0.40 €/litre to an EU-27 average of ... community law and that Bulgarians would not be able to fully enjoy their rights as EU citizens. ... http://www.eudevdays.eu.

EIT - European Commission - europa.eu

the EIT did not have autonomy in choosing its field of work: it has been allowed to ... Partners primarily interested in KIC participation in order to draw down EU.

CP-CSA - European Commission - europa.eu

projects and Coordination and Support actions (CP-CSA for PCP) appears ... Check that your conversion software has not cut down landscape format pages.

State aid - European Commission - europa.eu

30 Apr 2020 ... The European Commission has approved a Belgian scheme of up to €530 ... are in line with the minimum levels laid down in the Temporary Framework, ... only to companies that were not in difficulty already on 31 December ...

Chargeback in the EU/EEA - European Commission - europa.eu

Goods or services not delivered or not in conformity with the contract. 8 ... contract within the cooling off period, the. Court of the ... E-mail: [email protected].

EU ETS Handbook - European Commission - Europa.eu

52 product ... Equal no. of Parliament and Council members trying to agree on joint text ... for financing CCS and RES projects under the EU ETS are laid down in ...

CE marking - European Commission - europa.eu

Download image files: png · gif · jpg · ai and eps. IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all products must have CE marking. It is compulsory only ...

Broilers - European Commission - Europa EU

21 Mar 2000 ... The Welfare of Chickens Kept for Meat Production (Broilers). CONTENTS. 1 ... unit, the amount of poor welfare caused by disease is a function not only of its incidence but also ... heavy breeds (Perek and Snapir, 1963; de Reviers, 1996). ... The smallest respirable particles can enter all the way down to the.

output 5 - European Commission - europa.eu

treated milk, which has not undergone any particular changes in intrinsic ... This step reduces the diameter of fat globules and avoid or slow down their ... Official site of Assolatte - Associazione Italiana Lattiero Casearia [http://www.assolatte.it].

6. Liability - European Commission - europa.eu

the Court of Paris, these special liability rules did not apply at all, because eBay's auction services do ... Tiscali/Scarlet case (29 June 2007), in which the judge ... Netherlands, 7 out of 10 ISPs took down the allegedly infringing material (see ...

European Commission website - europa.eu

25 Jul 2007 ... Romania. 2. "Operational Programme Technical Assistance" ... implementation of the priorities laid down in the Community Strategic Guidelines for Cohesion ... Web address: www.mfinante.ro ... No. of decision: C/ 2007/3431

France - European Commission - europa.eu

Improving fertilisation management plans for all agricultural sites. Optimising grazing ... nutrients are not taken up by plants, they run the risk of being lost in various ways (e.g., leaching, run-off, emissions) and causing unnecessary costs for the farming ... http://www.chambre-agriculture-bretagne.fr/synagri/soutiens-financiers.

SME Definition - European Commission - europa.eu

ny is an SME is not as simple as one might think, ... partments to establish a company's SME status. ... enterprises of the conditions laid down in Article 1 of.

FAQ - Environment - European Commission - europa.eu

5 Mar 2020 ... The directives do not lay down in detail the consultation process to be followed for ... conservation objectives and measures can best be defined. ... in Latvia, the "Schémas Régionaux de Cohérence Ecologique" in France, the ...

Austria - European Commission - Europa.eu

Persons who had not reached the age of 50 and had no insurance period by 1 ... until the claimant reaches the retirement age laid down by the laws of that state.

Burgenland - European Commission - europa.eu

equal opportunities, the Burgenland region's ESF programme aims to increase income and ... arrangements that would not otherwise exist – it breaks down barriers. The Pact has been ... E-mail: [email protected] http://ec.europa.eu/esf.

Bulgaria BG - European Commission - europa.eu

Health status. Life expectancy in Bulgaria increased by more than three years between. 2000 and 2017 but larger increases in other EU Member States have.

Estonia - European Commission - europa.eu

Survivor's pension is granted to the children, parents and the not working ... Old-age pension http://www.sotsiaalkindlustusamet.ee/et/pension/pension-liigid-ja- ...

ATEX - European Commission - europa.eu

the European legislation on ATEX to Decision No 768/2008/EC establishing a ... Directive 94/9/EC is a "New Approach" directive laying down Essential Health ...

SCCS - European Commission - europa.eu

in rinse-off hair products up to a maximum concentration of 1%. 2. ... The cosmetic ingredient Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) (CAS No 13463-41-7, EC No 236-671-3) with ... urinalysis, there were no toxicologically relevant treatment-related findings.

Romania - European Commission - europa.eu

Romania, we highlight that this guide does not reflect legislative and procedural changes ... Vertical movement of the head (top down) equals to “Yes”, expressing agreement ... http://www.primariasector1.ro/articole/53/Directia-Stare-Civila.html.

croatia - European Commission - europa.eu

not necessarily contain all information relevant in this context. ... More information available at: http://www.mrms.hr/posting/ ... has to comply with the minimum standards on employees protection laid down by ... address: [email protected].

Poland - European Commission - Europa.eu

encourage shale gas extraction in Poland, as companies would not face taxes on the ... energy efficiency improvement in the household sector slowed down significantly since ... http://bip.kprm.gov.pl/portal/kpr/form/r354/Projekt_ustawy__ ...

The Netherlands - European Commission - europa.eu

do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Commission. ... 15 Milieupool door deVereende, Ontbinding Milieupool; https://milieupool.vereende.nl/ (in Dutch) ... claims for bodily injury and property damage on site and off site;.

FGDR - European Commission - Europa.eu

2 Oct 2016 ... France. Subject: Classification of the Fonds de garantie des dépôts et de ... Banque de France may not be allowed to finance the FGDR or the Resolution College ... down in national law, have its approval before implementing ...

News - European Commission - europa.eu

exports of vehicles and associated transport equipment down by EUR 38 million or 51.2 %,; exports of prepared foodstuffs down by ... E-mail: [email protected]

crowdfunding - European Commission - Europa EU

Several platforms offer the acquisition of equity shares/profit-shares (www.bergfürst.de, ... Among the 18 Internet-based platforms examined, there are not only several hybrid ... real economy" are impossible to narrow down in actual practice.

germany - European Commission - Europa EU

3 Mar 2014 ... http://www.komm-mach-mint.de/Service/Presse/PM-MINT-Studienanf-Absolv ... Despite a range of efforts the German education system has not yet ... losing ground include Hungary, Latvia and Romania which dropped down.

Hungary - European Commission - europa.eu

The assessments in the country fiches (yes/no/in progress) need to be read in conjunction ... The legal foundation of NAGiS was laid down by the 2007 Climate ... eredményeirőlhttp://www.katasztrofavedelem.hu/letoltes/szervezet/20140718- ...

Italy - European Commission - europa.eu

7 Jun 2017 ... (3) Aerdorica SpA is not part of a larger business group, since it is directly owned around 96 % by public shareholders, namely Regione Marche, the ... observing the stand-still obligations laid down in Article 108(3) Treaty on ...

Netherlands - European Commission - europa.eu

By 2020 the Netherlands needs to decrease its emissions not covered by the EU ETS by ... energy efficiency measures more effective (MilieuCentraal 2012). Strategy on ... investments, one-third watered down their targets or prolonged the.

Slovenia - European Commission - europa.eu

(2,085) does not bring Slovenia above average, but it considerably reduces the ... of Slovenia. Web page: http://www.zzzs.si/zzzs/internet/zzzseng.nsf/o/87C028D74 ... which would slow down rapidly increasing annual household expenditures ...

Minutes - European Commission - europa.eu

Mr Tanner informed that the E-DWD does not require the MS to nominate a competent authority. ... It lays down the requirement for the MS to ensure that ... [email protected]. PL. Katarzyna PARAFIŃSKA [email protected]. PL.

Coronavirus - European Commission - europa.eu

28 Apr 2020 ... maximum possible extent to mitigate and slow down the disruption of clinical ... https://www.hma.eu/fileadmin/dateien/Human_Medicines/01- ... Postponement of trials or of activation of sites that have not yet been initiated;.

PIC-Management - European Commission - europa.eu

What are the benefits of registering an organisation in the Participant Register? ... Go the Supplier Portal and open the PIC-Management application. You can also go directly to ... Before creating a new PIC, check if your organisation is not already registered in the ... Select the type of file from the drop-down list. 4. Enter a ...

Keleya - European Commission - Europa EU

27 Jun 2018 ... български (bg) čeština (cs) dansk (da) Deutsch (de) eesti keel (et) ελληνικά (el) English (en) ... Keleya is an app-based solution for young moms and moms to-be. ... So risk is, that this process will slow us down a bit. ... The Commission gives no warranty and makes no representation, whether expressed or ...

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