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Talk:TV Tropes - Wikipedia

No one's suggesting editing this article every time TV Tropes goes down, but this was a big event. ♥ «Charles A. L.» (talk) 19:53, 21 January 2011 (UTC).

Wikipedia talk:List of web archives on Wikipedia - Wikipedia

As of 2019-10-01, WebCite does not accept any new archiving requests, with the ... to, but unable to connect to -- Error message ... When doing parallel searches or requests ot will slow down, and depending ...

Wikipedia talk:Simple English Wikipedia - Wikipedia

I'm not sure there's a lot of point having an article on one version of Wikipedia anyway. ... Why do the latter need wiki pages in Simple English? ... it serves to distill excessively complex and long-winded articles down to the essence of the topic.

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Korea/Reliable sources - Wikipedia

Also that makes sense about the Korean sites, but a collapse down list would be ... Im not sure what to do with Kpopstarz, they look reliable and unreliable at the ...

Wikipedia talk:Good article nominations - Wikipedia

1 List of Wikipedians by number of Good articles? 1.1 Status update; 1.2 Nuts and bolts; 1.3 Self-promotions ...

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Israel/Archive 2 - Wikipedia

However, I would severely cut down the military moves bit (which is covered ... This remove any ambiguity (the steamship company does not practice the Judaism). ... sections on elections (and other relevant links on 2009 elections),

Wikipedia talk:Wikimedia Cloud Services - Wikipedia

For instance xtools' user statistics frequently fails to load on first attempt. This tool used ... The refill tool is down so I can not format the references. Please fix. [1].

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Encyclopaedia Britannica - Wikipedia

There were 239 articles found with that search on 2 August 2019, now down to 209 at time ... There's also some more articles that refer to the dead site for ... David Brooks (talk) 12:07, 5 August 2019 (UTC) ETA: it may not be so bad.

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Turkey/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

This may not fit (or use in Turkish) to Turkish Language, but this is English, and ... This way we can make clear for any future wowturkey images that they are free ... I have to cut down on my time spent on Wikipedia and might not be able to go ...

Wikipedia talk:Database download/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

What is currently a best way to create static version of wikipedia. ... (back when the Meta: namespace there was called Wikipedia: also)... but it's gone now.

Wikipedia talk:Authority control/VIAF - Wikipedia

5 - Wikipedia link inside VIAF is out of date: All gone now :-). And from what ... But still includes that page in its Tim Hildebrandt bundle VIAF 49344720.

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Thailand - Wikipedia

Greekadoniz is new here, so he might not be as aware of RS guidelines as others ... The site you mentioned seems to have been ... has been moved to , but the drop-down box doesn't ...

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Snooker - Wikipedia

See: ... Would the national snooker championships (as a whole, not by year) be deemed ... Should we have conflicting information (and no note), such as the finals on bios being down as ranking ...

Wikipedia - Wikipedia

Hi SusunW, not yet, but we're hoping to get the logins sent out within the next week ... I will follow up with Newspaperarchive on Monday and hopefully get logins ...

Sit Down and Talk to Me - Wikipedia

Although Sit Down and Talk to Me did not produce any major hit singles, its commercial performance was adequate, peaking at #19 R&B and #81 pop.

Talk:Least I Could Do - Wikipedia

Looking For Group is not a spin-off from Least I Could Do. It is a separate project created by Sohmer and deSouza. There is some erroneous information in the ...

Talk:Madrid - Wikipedia

Culture[edit]. Hello. I moved Culture, Architecture and Sport sections to the article Culture in ... This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. ... Added archive {newarchive} to ... to ...

Talk:Ad-Aware - Wikipedia

"It is not actually free; the redirect to download from LavaSoft's website to CNet requires that ...

Talk:Fnord - Wikipedia

Buzzwords[edit]. are essentially fnords. Often these days, the media or politicians use ... Fnord appears in the Principia, what thinkest thou, Fnord, that it dost not? Moo. -J.P Marshall III. We have to keep this ... To break it down, the subject is "The Illuminati", the verb is "program", and the direct object is "children". The verb "are ...

Talk:Bhabhi - Wikipedia

Some notable examples are the pornographic cartoon strip Savita Bhabhi, serious ... subtexts are not notable enough for disproportionate diatribes on wikipedia. ... I suppose what it comes down to is whether Wikipedia articles having to do ...

Talk:Kuči - Wikipedia

I see you mention but u really dont tell the true story because they also ... also says those who are not of haplogroup ev-13 are not Kuci. ... to see if the subclade can be further narrowed-down into a more specific origin. - Wikipedia

Deletion[edit]. I Oppose deletion of this article. I count 61 Wikipedia articles citing this as a a source on scientific subjects See [1] Lumos3 00:10, 8 January 2007 (UTC). I, too, oppose the deletion of this article, not just for the reason Lumos3 cited, ... Moreover, as the moderator said "you don't need to push churnalism down ...

Google Talk - Wikipedia

Google Talk was an instant messaging service that provided both text and voice ... On November 1, 2006, Google introduced offline messaging to Google Talk. ... The Google Talk gadget and client have not been upgraded to enable this ...

Talk:LibraryThing - Wikipedia

Whilst there is no doubt that the site was down and had problems for much of the a protracted ...

Talk:UrduPoint - Wikipedia

This article has not yet received a rating on the project's importance scale. ... is among top 6 most visited websites in Pakistan while ...

Talk:Eruv - Wikipedia

Certainly a claim that the majority of Orthodox Jews do not use the eruv needs to be ... Since the Parkway has nowhere near shishim ribo, it is not an issue at all. ... Anyone passing by could glance up, and if it was down he could alert people. - Wikipedia

Legal Action[edit]. MCD PRODUCTIONS currently have taken legal action against ... I think it is important that the internets emerging cities like Off-topic, Something Awful etc. are documented and updated to reflect the importance ... It is my humble opinion that deleting this article would not benefit Wiki in any way.

Talk:Eternit - Wikipedia

I do not see any reason why a brand name (such as Eternit or Fibro) should receive a special ... Canadian asbestos mines' final close down occured in 2011. - Wikipedia

This article was nominated for deletion on 19 August 2011 (UTC). The result of the discussion was no consensus. Retrieved from ... - Wikipedia

This article contains a translation of from ja.wikipedia. ... -post/58173/deep-down-confirmed-as-multiplayer-online-rpg-new-teaser-revealed</ref> ...

Talk:Newsarama - Wikipedia

If some reasoning for the placement of the tag is not posted here in the next 48 ... That Newsarama is down a lot I mean I have a 403 Forbidden showing up ...

Talk:SkyscraperPage - Wikipedia

Funny stuff about SSC down there, but of course it's BS and there's no evidence for the proclamations ... Not the same website as subject

Talk:Walther P99 - Wikipedia

P22 Link[edit]. Modified the description of the P22 for factual accuracy —Preceding unsigned ... I looked at the [Umarex/Carl Walther website] and could not find any mention of the 9x21 caliber availability for the current (2nd generation) pistols. ... If you boil down EVERY statistic, average and normed and qualify your range ...

Talk:Coimbra - Wikipedia

MIP probably does not know Coimbra and is wrong in some aspects: 1. ... editor refered to "numerous parks", another claimed two, then a further started rhyming off a list to indicate ... to ...

Talk:Kkangpae - Wikipedia

Verifiability[edit]. This article has been in glaring violation of Wikipedia:Verifiability since its ... GTM has not been an active gang for 7-10 years and it was certainly never in Pomona. ... cess pool that is this article to warn off any more would be “gang experts”: you ... ...

Talk:Jujutsu - Wikipedia

How can the MAs be known as jujutsu in 1333 if the term jujutsu wasn't coined until 17th ... Jujutsu evolved among the samurai of feudal Japan as a method for dispatching an ... Kanji is not the generic term, it is the Japanese term. ... government website with the same details,

Talk:Lapithos - Wikipedia

Please note that there is no such thing as "Turkish Cypriot Wiki Pages". ... it is almost entirely unreferenced and often very POV (which I have tried to tone down). ... .org/web/20131020214757/ to ...

Talk:Fisking - Wikipedia

No one uses this term and all it does it put down Robert Fisk with some kind have silly ad hominem. The article should be VfDed. Wikipedia is not a soap box.

Talk:ROT13 - Wikipedia

Is ROT13 symmetric key?[edit]. Is ROT13 'symmetric key' ? I mean there is no 'key' as such, but ... Current status: Former featured article ... I see that this site ( is linked from so thought it might be of use here. I have just ...

Talk:Amazon S3 - Wikipedia

AWS Marketing brochure[edit]. This article reads like a marketing brochure AWS has it's own ... The implementation details of S3 are not documented, but it is possible to infer aspects of it from the behaviour (and pricing) of the service. ... Apparently S3 was down for several hours on 15 February 2008, causing much pain to ...

Talk:HeinOnline - Wikipedia

Comments[edit]. I think too much has been trimmed - how are people to know the difference ... I believe it's not correct that you can't search HeinOnline by keyword - you can ... (Source: Significant ... are much better now but the promotional aspect needs to be toned down.

Talk:OpEdNews - Wikipedia

There is an article on opednews that is patently false.[edit]. February 19, 2010. The following article was published on opednews, and it cites an op-ed piece by Henry Paulson that does not exist, ... Download as PDF · Printable version ...

Talk:Dagbladet - Wikipedia

Venstre is a moderate market-liberal party today but it was not always like that. ... My position as managing editor of makes me even more biased, ... This "dumbing down" of the two newspapers has been done to increase sales, ...

Talk:Peugeot - Wikipedia

PEUGEOT SA is not a subsidiary of PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN, the relationship is the ... 601: ... It doesn't have to go in the lead - it could go further down or in a footnote.

Talk:Playdium - Wikipedia

Untitled[edit]. I'm not even sure if this page belongs here at all. It seems to commercial too me. ... I especially like the line that says that the Burnaby Playdium closed down due to a "failure to update the arcade machines." Thanks, Peanut ...

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