Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Turkey/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Turkey/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

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Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Turkey/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

This may not fit (or use in Turkish) to Turkish Language, but this is English, and ... This way we can make clear for any future wowturkey images that they are free ... I have to cut down on my time spent on Wikipedia and might not be able to go ...

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Israel/Archive 2 - Wikipedia

However, I would severely cut down the military moves bit (which is covered ... This remove any ambiguity (the steamship company does not practice the Judaism). ... sections on elections (and other relevant links on 2009 elections),

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Korea/Reliable sources - Wikipedia

Also that makes sense about the Korean sites, but a collapse down list would be ... Im not sure what to do with Kpopstarz, they look reliable and unreliable at the ...

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Encyclopaedia Britannica - Wikipedia

There were 239 articles found with that search on 2 August 2019, now down to 209 at time ... There's also some more articles that refer to the dead site for ... David Brooks (talk) 12:07, 5 August 2019 (UTC) ETA: it may not be so bad.

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Snooker - Wikipedia

See: ... Would the national snooker championships (as a whole, not by year) be deemed ... Should we have conflicting information (and no note), such as the finals on bios being down as ranking ...

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Thailand - Wikipedia

Greekadoniz is new here, so he might not be as aware of RS guidelines as others ... The site you mentioned seems to have been ... has been moved to , but the drop-down box doesn't ...

Wikipedia talk:Database download/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

What is currently a best way to create static version of wikipedia. ... (back when the Meta: namespace there was called Wikipedia: also)... but it's gone now.

Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Fully professional leagues - Wikipedia

Players who have not played in a fully professional league listed below may meet ... If the source indicating the status is in a PDF document or other long article, please ... Greece" – 2010–2011 season] (PDF). (in Greek). ... stawiać? piłka nożna polskie ligi, ekstraklasa, okręgówka bukmacherzy".

Wikipedia:WikiProject Professional wrestling/Sources - Wikipedia

Below is a guide for sources to be used within professional wrestling articles established by ... Only use reliable sources to verify facts and claims in articles; if a claim is not verified by a ... Grantland closed down in October 2015. ... TNA Wrestling News · TPWW (The People's Wrestling Website) · · WhatCulture ...

Talk:Geocaching/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

Geocaching to me is not about the finds (the finding of an actual cache) but the challenge and ... See my comment down below about creating List of geocaching organizations ... In Hungary, there is (English introduction here).

Talk:Corset/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

It would be better if the language was toned down somewhat. ... staylace sell corsets, and a salesman of corsets never tell about a seriously problem by ... This article absolutely should not have been moved from corset to tight lacing corset.

Talk:Waffen-SS/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

Notice their were no Waffen SS field marshals. ... down this page, the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) are NOT the Waffen ...

Talk:RPG Maker/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

Whether you like it or not, notable games have been made with the console RPG ... Why make Wikipedia's readers spend hours hunting down info on other sites ... Check out I believe ...

Talk:Sudoku/Archive 2 - Wikipedia

This archive page covers approximately the dates between Sep 23, 2005 and Nov 8, 2005. ... Votes for: [Marek] (Free, online Sudoku tournament. ... It may get messy, and it may not be in the spirit of Wikipedia, but it doesn't intrude on ... a while now and no one seems to care, yet if I add my like it gets pulled down right away.

Talk:Lew Rockwell/Archive 2 - Wikipedia

In the same way, the U.N. cannot, and will not, protect the rights of ordinary ... proposed title bring up any disambiguation issues, so it comes down to which title ...

MediaWiki talk:Titleblacklist/Archive 4 - Wikipedia

I object to it having not been done five years ago... I'd say ... Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/ · Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/ ... This will cut down some, but the title blacklist is not a silver bullet unfortunately. ... which is nonprintable.

Talk:Toki Pona/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

2. encourage expression of emotional states or attitudes. I think Toki Pona might be good, not as a ...

Talk:Prem Rawat/Archive 52 - Wikipedia

Ambassador of Peace, new source. Here's another independent source for the straight use of ... The RfC is not asking about infoboxes so not sure why the RfC has veered off onto an off-topic discussion. ... -peace-e-incontrare-i-detenuti-del-pagliarelli-visita-a-sorpresa-allars/ ...

Talk:Free Republic/Archive 6 - Wikipedia

"Free Republic. HOLY CRAP IN A GOVERNMENT-APPROVED HANDBAG!!! The people of ... No other political forum has the diversity that Free Republic has. ... was discussed previously on these Talk pages and it was shot down in flames.

Talk:Michelle Malkin/Archive 3 - Wikipedia

Anchor babies. Would it right to point out that MM is herself an anchor baby as her parents were ... It concluded that Flight 93 was not shot down, but raised questions about whether NORAD would have been capable of shooting down the ...

Talk:Gaia Online/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

Why don't you calm down? It is not like they permit cybering. -All over Gaia, we've ...

Talk:The Price Is Right (U.S. game show)/Archive 5 - Wikipedia

Classic Price Returning to GSN? I heard that they may show classic price is right beginning this ... It was a problem because there was absolutely no way to confirm it. It's a stat that ... I'd be a bit reluctant to include fan posts that was included on or other fan sites (anyone want to weigh in on this?). I realize ...

Template talk:Periodic table/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

It does not, however, change the fact that the table as presented here is ... and to put Lu and Lr up there, so your table looked like the one at ... Moreover, many of the counter-arguments boil down to: (1) it would be a big job ...

Template talk:Infobox scientist/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

(C) Tucking away the tfd tag at the bottom of the infobox, makes it not easily ... This is a pretty good haircut and brings down the size of the template to below ... So it might be in your best interests to put them back and let the process run fairly.

Template talk:Authority control/Archive 5 - Wikipedia

Is it coordinated with VIAF / or anything similar? ... In order to fulfil the agenda in Wikidata:WikiProject Authority control/Status I would like to ...

Talk:Comparison of wiki hosting services/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

my very first Wikipedia page. To more experienced Wikipedians, I ask for your guidance as I ... Someone deleted it because Wikipedia is not a link farm. ... Constantsun's blog is down too, it appears that everything related to the ... Maybe somebody will use the info here later, or in a separate Wikipedia article about ShoutWiki.

Talk:List of social networking websites/Archive 6 - Wikipedia

I am member of And it is not in the list. There exists a Wikipedia article on it, on the Dutch Wikipedia: ...

Wikipedia:WikiProject Leaflets - Wikipedia

... to consider joining it. This status should be changed if any activity resumes. ... Primary webpage URL, Mailing List ... Twitter hashtag, #ArtAndFeminism ...

Wikipedia:WikiProject Venezuela/Reliable and unreliable sources ...

The Venezuela WikiProject has not discussed reliability of other sources in relation to the ... Alberto News, Registered in Venezuela, gives world news and local ... It appears that the story was taken down, but it was on the website for almost a ...

Wikipedia:WikiProject Good articles/GAN Backlog Drives/April–May ...

The 2020 April–May GAN Backlog Drive is a two-month-long effort to reduce the backlog of Good Article nominations. ... Similarly, if the article is not of Good Article quality yet, don't be afraid to fail, but make sure ... Cool Me Down Green tick ...

Wikipedia talk:Simple English Wikipedia - Wikipedia

I'm not sure there's a lot of point having an article on one version of Wikipedia anyway. ... Why do the latter need wiki pages in Simple English? ... it serves to distill excessively complex and long-winded articles down to the essence of the topic.

Wikipedia talk:List of web archives on Wikipedia - Wikipedia

As of 2019-10-01, WebCite does not accept any new archiving requests, with the ... to, but unable to connect to -- Error message ... When doing parallel searches or requests ot will slow down, and depending ...

Wikipedia talk:Wikimedia Cloud Services - Wikipedia

For instance xtools' user statistics frequently fails to load on first attempt. This tool used ... The refill tool is down so I can not format the references. Please fix. [1].

Wikipedia talk:Authority control/VIAF - Wikipedia

5 - Wikipedia link inside VIAF is out of date: All gone now :-). And from what ... But still includes that page in its Tim Hildebrandt bundle VIAF 49344720.

Wikipedia talk:Good article nominations - Wikipedia

1 List of Wikipedians by number of Good articles? 1.1 Status update; 1.2 Nuts and bolts; 1.3 Self-promotions ...

Wikipedia:External links/Noticeboard/Archive 22 - Wikipedia

26; 27 Discussion at Talk:Megan Thee ... Maria Butina Wikipedia page is Maria Butina is not noteworthy and should not have a WP ... I'd hold off trying to align local consensus with the general consensus at this point ...

Block of Wikipedia in Turkey - Wikipedia

From 29 April 2017 to 15 January 2020, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia was blocked in Turkey. On 29 April 2017, Turkish authorities blocked online access to all its language editions throughout the country. The restrictions were imposed by Turkish Law No. ... List of media outlets shut down in the 2016 Turkish purges · List of arrested ...

Wikipedia - Wikipedia

Hi SusunW, not yet, but we're hoping to get the logins sent out within the next week ... I will follow up with Newspaperarchive on Monday and hopefully get logins ...

Van, Turkey - Wikipedia

Van is a city in eastern Turkey's Van Province, located on the eastern shore of Lake Van in ... The kingdom had no specific capital: the court would move as the king ... at ... "VAN HAVADİS GAZETESİ | Van Haber, Son Dakika, Van Haberleri".

Turkey - Wikipedia

Turkey officially the Republic of Turkey is a transcontinental country located mainly on the ... During World War I, the Ottoman government committed genocides against its ... Turkey does not have a federal system, and the provinces are subordinate to the central ... "The United Nations Organization and Turkey".

Kurds in Turkey - Wikipedia

Kurds in Turkey refers to people born in or residing in Turkey who are of Kurdish origin. ... Ministry to solve the problem of Kurdish separatism and underdevelopment. ... "Erdogan claims HDP not Kurds' representative".

Star TV (Turkey) - Wikipedia

Star TV is a Turkish nationwide TV channel. It has been owned by Ferit Şahenk, Doğuş Media ... NTV Spor. Website, ... The channel also broadcasts in Europe with the name Euro Star with the difference of not broadcasting Champions League matches live. Euro Star ... Download as PDF · Printable version ...

Censorship in Turkey - Wikipedia

Censorship in Turkey is regulated by domestic and international legislation, the latter (in theory) ... Since 2013, Freedom House ranks Turkey as "Not Free". ... "Murder by unknown assailants" (tr: faili meçhul) is the term used in Turkish to ... foreign media and interest groups of conspiring to bring down his government.

Migros (Turkey) - Wikipedia

Migros Ticaret A.Ş. is one of the biggest chains of supermarkets in Turkey. Together via Migros ... In 1996, Migros opened its first store outside of Turkey – a Ramstore in Baku, ... 1 Ramstore shopping center and hypermarket in Skopje, Macedonia, totalling over 50 ... Ramstores in Sofia, Bulgaria were closed down in 2007.

Television in Turkey - Wikipedia

Cable television using analogue switch-off not yet planned. Digital terrestrial television[edit]. Turkey's planned digital terrestrial television in 28 August 1998 at ...

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