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ArtSway | Culture24

E-mail. mail@​artsway.​org.​uk ... ACE's budget for Regularly Funded Organisations is down 14.9%. Not all galleries made the list, but some new ones did.

Our Dynamic Earth | Culture24

Our Dynamic Earth takes you on a journey through our planet's past, present and ... UK population lives within two hours of a science centre so there's no excuse ...

Down County Museum | Culture24

Welcome to Down County Museum where the rich heritage of County Down is brought to life in fascinating exhibitions, ... E-mail. museum@​downdc.​gov.​uk ...

Science Museum | Culture24

General enquiries and feedback. feedback@​nmsi.​ac.​uk ... "I am not disabled by my genetic condition": Esther Fox on the Pandora's Box of screening for ...

Transport and Industry | Culture24

Visit it at ... fishing boat and two 18th century merchant ships on sand and mud have been given protected status by English Heritage.

"When they are destroyed they are gone permanently ... - Culture24

16 Jul 2015 ... "When they are destroyed they are gone permanently": Museum asks detectorists not to ... Curator says metal detectorists should resist chance to melt down ... to the English Civil War in the second largest city in Roman Britain. ... at are the opinion of the comment writer, not Culture24.

Was the growth of an Iron Age town in Britain down to ... - Culture24

21 Aug 2015 ... An 18-year excavation at one of Britain's most important Roman sites will use a £1 ... Was the growth of an Iron Age town in Britain down to French immigrants? ... Calleva's ruined amphitheatre© Pam Brophy / ... at are the opinion of the comment writer, not Culture24.

Curator's Choice: The Scold's Thew - a medieval ... - Culture24

15 Nov 2016 ... At least they were allowed to sit down, and not ducked hanging upside down. How considerate. The laws of Ipswich as set down in French and ...

Critical Mass by Antony Gormley brings 60 bodies to the ... - Culture24

11 Aug 2010 ... Not only are they atomised, they look in many cases atomic. ... Discover a museum at and find out about the ...

When Rain Stops Play - Why Not Visit A Cricket Museum? | Culture24

4 May 2002 ... Left: Broadhalfpenny Down, Hambledon ... Although there are 18 first-class cricket grounds in Britain, offers a ...

ICONS of England - the 100 ICONS as voted by the public | Culture24

Scroll down for the full official list of the 100 ICONS of England as voted by the public ... The project finished in 2011 and is no longer published online. ... visit it at or see our Kids's website, Show Me, at

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