Ebisu Garden Place | Tokyo | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

Ebisu Garden Place | Tokyo | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

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Ebisu Garden Place | Tokyo | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

Ebisu Garden Place Ebisu Garden Place is a complex in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. Department stores, restaurants, museums and residences are accumulated here.

A Visit to Ebisu Garden Place - Minato, Tokyo - Japan Travel

13 Jan 2020 ... When I travel I tend not waste time for lunch and so in the shop located on the ground floor I purchased a simple bento lunch box, sat down ...

Takeshita-dori Street | Tokyo | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

By car, use Shuto (Metropolitan) Expressway #4 Yoyogi exit, or #3 Shibuya exit. There is not parking available on Takeshita-dori Street, visitors must find paid ...

Shibuya Hikarie | Tokyo | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

On each of the lines, get off at Shibuya Station. Shibuya Hikarie is connected to the station so it is difficult to get lost. By car, take the "Shibuya" exit on the Shuto ...

Oigawa Railway | Shizuoka | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

... 10 minutes. It's also about 15 minutes off the Sagara Makinohara IC (相良牧之原) on the Tomei Highway. ... Website, http://www.oigawa-railway.co.jp/index.htm.

Hinoyama Park | Shimonoseki | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

Description. This is an urban park located at the top of Mt. Hinoyama in Shimonoseki. ... Website, http://www.kanmon.gr.jp/areamap/seen/hinoyama/h_01.php.

Yoshino Coast | Miyakojima | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

Do not feed the fish—excessive feeding will destroy the ecosystem. Do not sell ... Website, http://www.city.miyakojima.lg.jp/kanko/annai/beach.html. Duration ...

Katsuo-ji Temple | Hokusetsu | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

Neighboring Meiji-no-mori Mino Kokutei Park, all around Katsuo-ji Temple will be colored in red, yellow, and orange, especially the road to the Main Hall and the ...

Koiwai Farm | Morioka | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

Because the farm is huge, if you do not have much time to browse around, we recommend that you join the tour that ... Website, http://www.koiwai.co.jp/makiba/.

Tokiwa Park | Yamaguchi | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

What is Tokiwa Park Tokiwa Park is a park that was built centered around Tokiwa Lake. Each season, the park is decorated with greenery and flowers and.

umie MOSAIC | Kobe | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

In case of car, get off at the Kyobashi exit or the Yanagihara exit of the Hanshin Expressway. The parking for umie MOSAIC is located on the first floor. Parking is ...

Umi Jigoku | Beppu | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

Umi Jigoki (sea hell) is one of the eight hot springs of Beppu Jigoku meguri tour. The hot spring ... Get on the Kamenoi Bus bound for Kannawa at No. 2, 5, 41 or ...

Zao Echo line | Zao | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

Sights, Zao Echo line (蔵王エコーライン). Rating. Address, Miyagi Prefecture, Kata-gun, Shichikashuku-machi ji, Kattadake 宮城県刈田郡七ヶ宿町刈田岳.

Oga Aquarium GAO | Oga | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

About Oga Aquarium GAO Oga Aquarium GAO is located along the Oga peninsula coast. ... are 5 buses during the weekdays and 3 during weekends and public holiday which is not enough and you need to transfer on the way. ... Website, http://www.gao-aqua.jp/ ... 長瀞ライン下り (Nagatoro Boating and Rafting Down).

Yebisu Garden Place | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Yebisu Garden Place: the Yebisu Garden Place in Ebisu, Tokyo, is a major ... the Cosmic Configuration sculptures (Uchu no Kosei) by Nagano-born artist Kenji ...

Japan Hoppers: Japan Travel Guide

Japan Travel Guide. 230 cities over 3000 tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodations, travel tips, itinerary suggestions, expert advice, introduction to ...

Tomioka Silk Mill | Tomioka | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

Introduction The Tomioka Silk Mill is a mechanical silk spinning installation set ... 40 minutes, get off at Joshu-Tomioka Station and it's 15 minutes away on foot.

Grand Front Osaka | Osaka | Japan Travel Guide - Japan Hoppers

Grand Front Osaka Grand Front is a complex located on the north side of JR Osaka station, consisting of a shopping mall, restaurants, cafes, office ar.

Koko-en Garden | Himeji / Akashi | Japan Travel Guide - Japan ...

The Koko-en Garden is a Japanese garden located inside the Himeji castle. ... The garden consists of eight gardens separated by walls : Take-no-niwa (a bamboo garden),Tsukiyama-chisen-no-niwa(a garden with ... Website, http://himeji-machishin.jp/ryokka/kokoen/ ... 長瀞ライン下り (Nagatoro Boating and Rafting Down).

Travel Guide | Tips for traveling in Japan | digi-joho Japan TOKYO ...

Ryokan is not only a form of unique travel accommodation. It offers a chance to experience the ... It is allowed to flush only used toilet paper down the toilet ...

Nippara Shonyudo | Suburban Tokyo | Japan Travel Guide - Japan ...

What is Nippara Shonyudo Nippara Shonyudo is a natural limestone cave in Okutama city in Tokyo. It is one of the largest limestone caves in the Kanto.


17 Apr 2017 ... When you first set foot on the grounds of Yebisu Garden Place, it feels like ... Not restricted to just a single structure, the grounds are comprised of ... view of Tokyo extends all the way to Odaiba's bay area, far off in the distance.

Takao Komagino Garden - Tokyo - Japan Travel

25 Jul 2018 ... Not too far from Takao Station is a lovely old Japanese house with many ... I am enjoying exploring the prefectures around Tokyo (I like to get off ...

Higashi Fuchie Teien Garden - Tokyo - Japan Travel

8 Sep 2019 ... Higashi Fuchie Teien Garden in Adachi City is a small garden located next ... Though not a very large garden, Higashi Fuchie Teien was designed to ... Bus bound for Mutsugi-Toju and get off at Higashi Fuchie Teien bus stop.

Tokyo Midtown | Токио | Путеводитель по Японии - Japan Hoppers

Tokyo MidtownTokyo Midtown – это торговый центр, расположенный в Акасака, Токио Минато-ку. Здесь есть офисы, музеи, медицинские учреждения и ...

Nagasaki Travel: Glover Garden - Japan Guide

12 Jun 2020 ... About Glover Garden in Nagasaki. ... Western merchants settled down after the end of Japan's era of seclusion in the second ... No closing days ...

Tokyo Travel: Akihabara - Japan Guide

29 May 2020 ... About Akihabara the electric town, Tokyo. ... Closed: No closing days ... Radio Kaikan is one of Akihabara's iconic landmarks, and features more ... The building was torn down in 2011, was rebuilt, and reopened its doors in ...

Tokyo Travel: Harajuku - Japan Guide

11 Jun 2020 ... Just south of Takeshita Dori and over twice its length is Omotesando, a broad, tree ... Harajuku is not only about teenage culture and shopping.

Glover Garden Nagasaki | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Meiji Period Buildings in Glover Garden. Buildings in the complex include the Former Mitsubishi No. 2 Dock House, a classic example of Meiji-era western-style ...

Shimokitazawa Area Guide Tokyo | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Shimokitazawa is a small, very atmospheric fashion district in west Tokyo, ... Japan Hotels · Cheap Hotels · Haneda Hotels · Kyoto Hotels · Love Hotels ... Around the station are large fenced-off vacant lots undergoing reconstruction of the sort ... There are four other theaters in Shimokitazawa not affiliated with Kazuo Honda.

Fuchu Guide Tokyo | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Fuchu Guide Tokyo: Fuchu is a city of about 260000 inhabitants on the western ... the 4th Shogun, in 1667 after it had burned down in a large fire in 1646. ... The path connects central Fuchu to the Kyodo-no-Mori Museum close to the bank of ...

Tokyo Travel: Odaiba (Daiba) - Japan Guide

19 Jun 2020 ... It was not until the second half of the 1990s, when several hotels, ... Bridge from the wooden deck in front of Aquacity and neighboring Decks. ... Mega Web is a giant Toyota showroom that shows off all of Toyota's latest ...

Tachikawa Tokyo | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

This crossroads of rail lines makes the Tachikawa Station area not only one of the ... the buses and taxis down below and the monorail trains silently whizzing by on their ... Website in Japanese and English http://www.city.tachikawa.lg.jp/.

Tokyo Adult Guide: 18 only activities in Japan | You Could Travel

Here is a Tokyo adult guide with sex shop and love hotel recommendations. ... discovered in Akihabara, without the need to go down the instant gratification path. ... This would be no real Tokyo adult guide if I wouldn't send you to M's, Tokyo's ...

Nightlife in Tokyo | LIVE JAPAN travel guide

26 Dec 2016 ... If you are looking for some of the best nightlife experiences, then you ... then Shibuya has you covered with Rock no Cocoro and Music Bar Rockaholic! ... make sure to drop down to one of the most long-standing bars in the ...

Tokyo Subway | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Tokyo Subway: read a guide to using the Tokyo metro system including ... the Tokyo subway network has a name and color (as well as a number, but which is not ... with at least one elevator from street level down to the ticket gate, and another ...

Tokyo Solamachi Shopping | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Tokyo Solamachi is a shopping, dining, event, and exhibition complex annexed to the ... Tokyo Solamachi also includes a Japan Experience Zone, a planetarium, aquarium, postal museum and so-called "beer museum." ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. ... Pocket Wifi 10% Off.

Tokyo & Kyoto What's On & Events | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

What's On in Tokyo and Kyoto is a current listing of museum and art exhibitions in Tokyo, craft gallery ... only, and that unlisted regular exhibitions (usually from a museum's archives) are not necessarily included. Go to ... Idemitsu Museum of Arts ... Walk 100m down the road, walking away from the Tokyo Midtown complex.

About Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide - Happy Jappy

With Japan being frequented by earth quakes, there are not many places that ... Even if you're not hungry it is an amazing experience walking down the tiny alley ...

Tokyo Travel: Tsukiji Fish Market - Japan Guide

14 Jul 2020 ... Tsukiji's outer market with its many shops and restaurants, on the other hand, did not close and remains in business. 4.1.

Welcome to Tokyo's Kitchen, Kappabashi! | LIVE JAPAN travel guide

31 Mar 2018 ... Sandwiched between Asakusa and Ueno, Kappabashi consists of 170 specialty shops ... The Patron Kappa of Kappa Bashi - Kappa no Kawataro ... Walking down Kappabashi Dougu Street, you might accidentally walk past ...

Ueno Park Tokyo | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Read a guide to the many attractions and museums in Ueno Park, Tokyo. ... if you want to pick up English-language information about the Park beforehand. ... in the price of the ticket, the Heiseikan Gallery is not always open to the public. ... Shinobazu Pond and Bentendo are accessed down the steps that start near ...

Adulting in Japan - a newbie's guide | Tokyo Creative Travel

ALSO, without a *Japanese credit card* (not foreign, not debit), my only ... you spend 5 mins just shouting your name down the line: NO, NOT N. M, AS IN.

Tokyo Travel: Sumida Hokusai Museum - Japan Guide

2 Jul 2019 ... His most well-known works include The Great Wave off Kanagawa and Red Fuji, which are a couple of prints from the collection Thirty-Six Views ...

Museum of Maritime Science, Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide ...

Odaiba's Museum of Maritime Science or Fune-no-Kagakukan as it is known, is everything nautical, the ... One exhibition not to miss is a ship moored off the grounds, the Soya, constructed in 1938 this ... http://www.funenokagakukan.or.jp/.

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