Tokyo & Kyoto What's On & Events | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Tokyo & Kyoto What's On & Events | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

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Tokyo & Kyoto What's On & Events | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

What's On in Tokyo and Kyoto is a current listing of museum and art exhibitions in Tokyo, craft gallery ... only, and that unlisted regular exhibitions (usually from a museum's archives) are not necessarily included. Go to ... Idemitsu Museum of Arts ... Walk 100m down the road, walking away from the Tokyo Midtown complex.

Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Get off at Kyoto Kaikan Bijutsukan-mae. From Hankyu Karasuma Station/Kawaramachi Station or Keihan Sanjo Station Kyoto City Bus No. 5 (toward Iwakura ...

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine Kyoto | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Kitano Tenmangu, established in the tenth century, is dedicated to Tenjin (Sugawara no Michizane), the patron saint of students, who flock here from all over the ...

Tachikawa Tokyo | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

This crossroads of rail lines makes the Tachikawa Station area not only one of the ... the buses and taxis down below and the monorail trains silently whizzing by on their ... Website in Japanese and English

Tokyo Subway | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Tokyo Subway: read a guide to using the Tokyo metro system including ... the Tokyo subway network has a name and color (as well as a number, but which is not ... with at least one elevator from street level down to the ticket gate, and another ...

Shimokitazawa Area Guide Tokyo | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Shimokitazawa is a small, very atmospheric fashion district in west Tokyo, ... Japan Hotels · Cheap Hotels · Haneda Hotels · Kyoto Hotels · Love Hotels ... Around the station are large fenced-off vacant lots undergoing reconstruction of the sort ... There are four other theaters in Shimokitazawa not affiliated with Kazuo Honda.

Ueno Park Tokyo | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Read a guide to the many attractions and museums in Ueno Park, Tokyo. ... if you want to pick up English-language information about the Park beforehand. ... in the price of the ticket, the Heiseikan Gallery is not always open to the public. ... Shinobazu Pond and Bentendo are accessed down the steps that start near ...

Tokyo Solamachi Shopping | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Tokyo Solamachi is a shopping, dining, event, and exhibition complex annexed to the ... Tokyo Solamachi also includes a Japan Experience Zone, a planetarium, aquarium, postal museum and so-called "beer museum." ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. ... Pocket Wifi 10% Off.

Fuchu Guide Tokyo | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Fuchu Guide Tokyo: Fuchu is a city of about 260000 inhabitants on the western ... the 4th Shogun, in 1667 after it had burned down in a large fire in 1646. ... The path connects central Fuchu to the Kyodo-no-Mori Museum close to the bank of ...

Summer Music Festivals in Japan | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Find information on Japan Music Festivals: Fuji Rock Festival, Summer Sonic, Rock ... Idol Festival; Ringofes; Labyrinth; Larks In The Park; Tokyo Summer Festival ... take any of buses 55, 56, 88, 98 and get off at the Toyozaki eki no michi stop.

Railway Museums in Japan | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Railway Museums in Japan: see a listing of railway and subway museums in ... Now the largest railway museum in Japan, Kyoto Railway Museum in Kyoto, not far from ... There, you can sit down in the actual driver seat of a 1969 Shinkansen.

Ferries in Japan | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Osaka to Beppu Sunflower Ferry ... (*There is no longer a ferry service from Nagoya to Okinawa). ... For full details visit ... Sumiyoshi Station or Hanshin Uozaki Station and get off at Island Kitaguchi Station from here a ...

Getting Married in Japan | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

First, at the ward office you need to get the appropriate form: To complete this the Japanese partner will need to show her/his family register (戸籍謄本, toseki tohon) ...

Oita & Beppu City Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Oita and Beppu guide: read a guide to Oita and Beppu in Kyushu, both famous for ... Of course, a trip to Beppu would not be complete without a soak in a few of the ... Much farther afield off the south-west coast of Kyushu the natural island of ...

Gay Shinjuku | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Read a Tokyo gay guide to a gay night on the town in Tokyo's gay Shinjuku Ni-Chome. ... Not even 10 minutes walk from the east side of Shinjuku station, 2-Chome is ... Down an alley off Nakadori Avenue is Vox, an "all-gender" bar that serves ...

Matsue Map | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

... Matsue, Japan. This map of Matsue, Shimane shows city streets, landmarks, temples and rail stations. ... If the map does not load when using Internet Explorer (IE) on a Windows PC, please hold down the "Control" key and refresh the page ...

Chofu | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Chofu is a city in the west of Tokyo with one of the most beautiful botanical ... with its grocers, down-to-earth traditional-style eateries, and assortment of other ... Jindaiji Pet Cemetery is located within the grounds of temple but is not related to it.

Mount Aso Caldera Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

If you do not have a hire car the best way to reach Mt. Aso is a tour with our partners Voyagin ... a giant green basin with steep slopes leading down about 100 meters, forming a half-circle in ... Information on access to the crater:

Sendai City Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Things to see and do in and around Sendai include the Sendai City Museum; ... since 1990 and is a hole-in-the-wall stand-up bar (it costs more to sit down) with a ... not at the "Tohoku University Botanical Gardens" bus stop), 6 Site of Sendai ...

Niigata City Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

The trail provides ocean views and dips down into leafy valleys with two ... Yet, Niigata Prefecture is not as famous as its neighboring Prefecture of Nagano.

Kawagoe Guide Saitama | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Kawagoe: read a guide to Kawagoe in Saitama Prefecture. Kawagoe is an old castle town near Tokyo noted for its ornate kurazukuri-style warehouses, historic ...

Toyota City Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Toyota city guide: read a guide to Toyota in Aichi Prefecture near Nagoya, home of ... Toyota City does not appear in many tourist guides to Japan, but has a large ... Toyota Stadium, lasts about two hours and about 10,000 fireworks are let off.

Nakatsu Guide Oita | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Nakatsu is a small city on the north coast of Oita Prefecture, just east of its ... and includes a nice example of a Reclining Buddha, not so common in Japan.

Takasaki Guide Gunma | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Takasaki is an often forgotten city in Gunma Prefecture, on the Shinkansen line, north-west of Tokyo. While the area has lots to offer, because it's not on most ...

Aomori City Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Nebuta-no-Sato (now closed), 9 km south of Aomori city was a large wooden pavilion ... Take a bus bound for the Driving License Center and get off at Kenritsu ...

Akita Travel Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Akita: read a travel guide to Akita city and Akita Prefecture including Akita ... Just off Hirokoji Dori avenue at the beginning of Senshu Park near the castle moat ...

Kyoto Travel Guide - What to do in Kyoto City - Japan Guide

31 Jul 2020 ... Travel guide for the city of Kyoto, Japan. ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our ...

Hiroshima Transport | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

The Astram Line (アストラムライン) is a rubber-tired transport system that runs 18km from ... Hiroshima Bus Company ( buses have a red and white livery. ... Press the bell before you get off at your desired stop. ... An afternoon departure at 1.10pm does not operate in winter, and an evening departure at ...

Osaka Monorail | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Osaka Monorail at 21km was once the longest monorail in the world and runs from Osaka Itami Airport to ... Osaka Monorail ( Official Site)

Matsuyama Ferries | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Matsuyama Tourist Port - Kure with Ishizaki Kisen and Setonaikai Kisen in 55 minutes by high speed boat or 1 hour, 55 minutes by car ferry. Toyo Port - Osaka with Orange Ferry ( in 8 hours. ... ferry of the day, departing Ujina Port, Hiroshima at 5.45 am does not dock at Kure. ... Pocket Wifi 10% Off.

Japanese Masks | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Oni; Hannya; Tengu; Otafuku; Hyottoko; Modern Masks ... translated as "demon", the Japanese oni is probably better described as "ogre" as they are not the pure ...

Matsuyama Transport | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Iyotetsu trams run from outside the station to Matsuyamashi Station and city taxis gather outside the main entrance. ... (There is no Route 4) ... Kokura Ferry in 7 hours, 5 minutes ( ... Pocket Wifi 10% Off.

Kochi Trams | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

... characters Cute Kochi tram. Kochi trams are operated by Tosaden (Toden) ... also within easy walking distance. (Official site in Japanese)

Samurai Museum | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Visitors learn that samurai warriors used disposable blades as after a few strikes the blade was no longer sharp. Samurai Museum, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Samurai ...

Gujo Hachiman | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Read a guide to Gujo Hachiman, a lovely Edo-period preserved town in Gifu Prefecture, ... There are fine views looking down on the town from the castle, which is a ... The 11 am bus from Meitetsu Bus Station to Shirakawa-go does not stop at ...

Chichibu Railway | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

The Chichibu Railway is a scenic railway that runs from Mitsumineguchi Station to Hanyu taking in many famous sights of Saitama Prefecture. ... Not always with the river in sight but always within the Arakawa River Valley. ... Japanese) or online (in Japanese) ... Pocket Wifi 10% Off.

Tokorozawa Station | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Tokorozawa Station in Tokorozawa, Saitama has Seibu Line trains to Ikebukuro ... Passengers should make sure not to get off at Higashi Tokorozawa by mistake ...

Tokugawa Art Museum | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Tokugawa Art Museum: read a guide to the Tokugawa Art Museum and its priceless treasures from ... to the Hosa Library containing literary works handed down through the Tokugawa family. ... Photography is not allowed inside the exhibition.

Seimei Shrine | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Seimei Shrine (晴明神社) in Kyoto is dedicated to Abe no Seimei, a Heian Period astrology ... Main Entrance Gate (Torii), Seimei Jinja, Kyoto, Japan Seimei Shrine, Kyoto, Japan. ... Get off at Imadegawa/Horikawa and walk south on Horikawa.

Matsumoto Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture's second largest city after Nagano city, is a gateway to the Japan Alps for skiing and hot ... The castle was not built for permanent occupancy, purely for military purposes. ... Get off at the Bijutsukan bus stop.

Kurashiki Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

The north exit leads to the large Ario Kurashiki shopping complex and the adjacent Kurashiki Mirai Park, which are pleasant enough, but maybe not worth ... From the entrance to Bikan and down to where the canal bends to the right, there are ...

Hakone Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Hakone guide: read a sightseeing guide to the mountainous, hot spring resort area of ... which starts from Hakone-en, about 15 minutes' drive down the eastern shore of ... Hakone Mononofu no Sato Art Museum is a museum of samurai armor ...

Inuyama Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Like nearby Gifu City, Inuyama also has a still living tradition of cormorant ... Meiji Period streetcar from Kyoto at Meiji Mura near Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture ... Not to be missed if you are in the area in March is the bizarre Tagata Honen Sai ... Driving from Nagoya take National Highway 41 off the Komaki Interchange of the ...

Shimoda Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Shimoda guide: read a travel guide to the historic town of Shimoda in ... Prejudice and ill-will got the better of the local population, not only for her close ... It starts out in the morning in Izu Kogen, halfway down the Izu peninsula, heads to Atami, ...

Shodoshima Guide | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide

Shodoshima guide: read a travel guide to Shodoshima, Japan's olive-growing center. ... But, outside of the gift shop, it is rare to find an olive that is not growing on a tree. ... with little islands that crowd in on one another as they fade off into the mist. ... an hour during the daytime and is operated by Ryobi Ferry (086 274 1222).

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