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APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies – APNIC

This document does not describe specific addressing policies related to ... part of the migration is available on the APNIC website at: http://www.apnic.net/aunic ... of the Internet and the scaling problems that followed, affecting both the amount ...

Resource ranges allocated by APNIC – APNIC

APNIC allocates resources in the following ranges within the Asia Pacific region: ... Addresses from within this range are not to be announced to the global ...

APNIC Whois Search | APNIC

APNIC Whois Search. To assist you with debugging problems, this whois query was received from IP Address: If you experience problems with ...


A global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community.

inetnum – APNIC

Status Instance Search Status inetnum: [mandatory] [single] [primary/lookup key] ... net Pty Ltd country: AP admin-c: DE345-AP tech-c: DE345-AP status: ... of the network, but does not need to be physically located at the site of the network.

Helpdesk - apnic

APNIC Helpdesk provides assistance to all on matters related to APNIC Services, such as membership and IP address enquiries. ... [email protected].

Whois search – APNIC

The APNIC Whois is a publicly searchable database that provides information about the Internet resources distributed within the Asia-Pacific region.

New Member – FAQs – APNIC

https://www.apnic.net/myapnic-guides (Go to Contact management) ... Debug routing problems; Automatically configure backbone routers; Perform network ...

Service updates – APNIC

2020-04-21, APNIC Whois Database Abuse-c Reschedule. 2020-04-14, APNIC Whois ... 2009-12-02, RADb not accurately mirroring APNIC Whois. 2009-11-25 ...

Looking at your network from the outside in | APNIC Blog

13 Mar 2020 ... ... are useful commands for investigating issues or problems inside your network. ... Even when RPKI/ROA is not an issue, some IP prefixes are ...

You have IPv6. Turn it on. | APNIC Blog

4 May 2016 ... I started by logging into my WiFi router (a D-Link DIR-868L) and quickly realised that it not only supported IPv6 but that I was one click away from ...

Taking a closer look at the NTP pool using DNS data | APNIC Blog

24 Jul 2020 ... For someone who does research on DNS Fastflux detection, pool.ntp.org is certainly no stranger. Our DNSMon system uses a small number of ...

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